5 Evolution

Imagine and feel that humanity is going through the 5th stage of evolution. It has already discovered new planets, new races and settled in nine belts in the galaxy. Nevertheless, the war between the nations still exists, they are already facing new unknowns.

Comics and interactive stories created on the basis of the cycle of original novels "Profession Inquisitor"

Episode I

After the lifting of the blockade of the Earth, having settled in deep space, people of the 26th century still love power, money, they do not want restrictions in excesses and pleasure stimulants. Now they are not alone - the underdeveloped races of orcs and elves have led to a new round of crime, slavery and coercion.

The system of Civil Inquisitors is designed to help in an honest investigation of crimes, regardless of the status of the customer. Operative Della Berg, a demoted intelligence officer in the past, is hiding from her old acquaintances on a provincial planet. There, she accidentally crosses paths and begins a contract job as an Inquisitor Assistant Augustus McKinby.

Della Berg
Augustus McKinby
Maximilian van de Berg
Otto Krueger
Dirga Ta
Granny Lisa
Amber Melrose

5EVO Stories

dApp that offers reading new comics created by the best writers and artists with the participation of AI. Take a part in a development of the plot of the stories, support the best creators and receive collectible comics and NFT objects from your favorite episodes.

are YOU
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We build a platform and dApp for artists and writers who want to communicate with their audiences and readers in visual language, to engage them in the interactive stories or if you like mini-games based on stories. We believe that the comics and interactive stories created with 5EVO Studio will become more accessible to numerous creators in order to help bring more creative powered narrative to our world. This will give a boost to the 5th evolutionary wave of humanity.

What is 5EVO?

Web3 platform and dApp for creating, monetizing comics and interactive stories using generative neural network-based tools.

This platform allows sharing and movement of values between creators and users, comics and game fans. Those options are enabled by the proprietary utility tokens.

You can join us as our investor. We have both equity rounds and private token sales planned, which are organized by Syndicate VC.