Here is a warm-up task before the workshop. The task will help you start using the AI and dive a bit into the script of the comics.
It will help us to identify the participants on top of the portfolio you’ve already provided. The task is not mandatory but will increase your chances for the closed part of the workshop.
We will be creating the comics a few days later but for now let’s imagine the characters.
created on the basis of the cycle of original novels "Profession Inquisitor"

the year 2500 AD

All inhabited planets, both private and federal, are in the Federal States of the Earth. The currency is "HARD". The general system of Executive power, judiciary, military system. Common transport network.

There are dissident planets/systems of planets, which is simply called Dissida. The whole Dissida: El Dorado, Kuashnara, Shanghai are, in fact, rebellious earthlings. Their independence was based on the fact that they were able to fly far away from Earth, and the federal center realized it too late, so the dissidents had already become strong.

The nickname “dissidents” quite fully reflected their nature. People was tired of obeying the Earth. Shanghai became a huge Chinese empire, wich spread over dozens of planets, El Dorado became a typical Latin American dictatorship, and Kuashnara was a normal federal state, except that the rules there was more loyal. Of all the dissidents, only Kuashnara recieved the recognition of independence. The armed neutrality was maintained with Shanghai, And there was sore war against the El Dorado. Treason meant going over to the side of El Dorado.

Ontolgy of characters in 5Evolution comic


The population has greatly decreased, nature has 'recovered'.


the system of planets of the Chinese monarchy. The closed state of the Galaxy (maintains neutrality with Earth).

El Dorado

A Latin American planet with a dictatorship. Poor population. Mafia groups + oligarchy (war with Earth).


(Allegedly independent planet) A planet of contraband and grey agreements between Dissida and the Earth States.


Recieved the recognition of independence. The planet is in a galactic dead end. The population is another race, so alled - the Indians. Lagging behind civilization. The king and the priests are shamans. Torture. They worship the Statue of the golden Goddess. There is a diplomatic embassy of the Earth on the planet and minimal diplomatic contacts.


“The main character’s residence. Federal planet. The 5th most important resort, actually the 1st in price / quality, the coast of the Sunny Sea. Inside the mainland (1.000 km from the coast) – mountains, cold and the Tanir cosmodrome. The only city is the City, the population is 1,500,000.

The coastal highway stretches along the coast for 814 km. Mostly on the surface. Also on the surface, the Central Avenue – in the business center, at the city hall, at Oakville also goes outside.

All other roads are located deep underground – high-speed tunnels. Each Tanir quarter is a small town of 1,500 to 20,000 souls. There are several large estates – mostly agricultural. Resorts and cheaper hotels are located on the islands, the most expensive ones are on the coast, where mountains and live staff nearby. Cars both drive and fly, mostly selfdrive.”

Tanira cosmodrome

It is located high in the mountains on a plateau in the interior of the mainland.

Tanira Chinatown

Chinatown is actually a peninsula surrounded by mountains and the sea. They do not fly by cars, but mostly drive, as there are strong air currents. Historically it was founded where a fishing village and a fishmarket were located. The freshest and cheapest natural products on Tanir. A lot of rickshaws.


One of the large islands of the planet belongs to Lord Russell. Elves are raised in his resedency. The island is full of jungle forests.


The planet is mostly covered with ice. Planet of Science and Universities. Recently, exploration and extraction of minerals has been conducted. There are many campuses. A multi-level hotel and a huge concert hall.


Earth-like planet with a lack of fresh water.



The prevailing race. Both born on earth or on other planets.


An underdeveloped civilizational race. People catch them, traine trhem and use for physical work, the smartest ones are used for military service. The height of femails is u[p to 2m, mails - 2.4m. Rough faces, strong physique. They live in tribes, collectively raise children. Shy in the intimate sphere.


A civilization that has stopped developing. A race of hunters. The heigh of an adult elf is up to 150 cm. Slim, big eyes, big ears, small mouth. If not raised and trained die quite quickly due to harmful habits. They are true servants of the master. Female elves at the first stage of the development and settlement of planets were illegally used as a sex toys.

The indians

A race from the independent planet Sattang. They have a very strict religion. Primitive civilizationt. Intuitive, smart, strong. Strong social and tribal ties even after leaving the home planet. The appearance is similar to a human, but the body and partially the face are covered with fluffy fur of different colors. While living off their planet - they remove hair from the body, but the spotting is still visible on the skin. A big fluffy collar grows on the neck. They often work in taxis, security, and serve in the army.

Halfbloods and quarterons

The result of mixing races, rare phenomenon.

Main Characters

Della Berg

(Ophelia - Gwenivera van de Berg, maiden name Slonik) is a former tactical intelligence officer, demoted by General Enston. Operative-Assistant to Inquisitor August McKinby.
She is a slim women of short stature (5,1'-5,4') with long brown hair and brown eyes. Almost never smiles.

August McKinby

Aristocrat, the star prince, owner of the planet Clarion (Duke of Clarion). PROFESSION - Inquisitor. has an estate on Earth in Scotland. They have the same great-grandmother with Max, but different great-grandfathers.
He is tall, athletic build, with blue eyes and blond, curly, thick, long hair.

Maximillian van de Berg (Max)

Aristocrat, the star prince of the planet Sonno, officer, financier, first ex-husband of Della.
He is very tall, athletic build, dark-haired man with brown eyes.

The result should include:

2-3 images of characters (.jpeg/.png; up to 3Mb)

To be submitted no later than 23:59 UTC January 7th.