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The unique results of the work of the writers, scripters and artists of the 5EVO team and 5EVO Arts DAO members. These are the results of creativity to compose images of the characters and images of the future world. World 5 Evolution!
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5EVO SEEDS Collection

will include NFTs created with humans and AI (generative neural networks). These are images and sketches of the characters, worlds and artifacts that will form the basis of the first series of comics 5 Evloution, based on the novels of Sci-Fi writer Oleg Divov - "Profession Inquisitor"

5 months from
the DECEMBER 2022

every week a limited amount of NFT will be minted on one of the marketplaces - OpenSea, Rarible, MintBase, Getgems and quite possibly others. Although, these are different blockchain networks, it's all way more interesting to collect through the nooks and crannies of the crypto world. For the true collectors, we will provide a crosschain transfer tool in the near future.

Do they have a collector's value?

It may well be 😉 Similarly, as the sketches of artists who created their creations that have survived through the ages. We are also counting on existing blockchains to evolve, transform, and live on for years to come.

NFT's will be offered for sale in an auction format

Buyers of NFTs will receive 5EVO tokens as they are issued on the 5EVO platform. With the release of each collection, the multiplier to the purchase price of NFTs in the auction will decrease from 5 to 1 to the price of the token at the time of their issuance. This will give our first time members and buyers access to more content.

Revenue from the sale of NFTs and royalties

are split between:

  • 5EVO and its founders
  • 5EVO Arts DAO
  • NFT creators – writers, artists
  • and of course the marketplaces 😉
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In the process of releasing 5EVO Seeds Collection in the marketplaces will appear truly collectible NFTs - 5EVO Collection. Hence, these are the closest to the essence and spirit of creative art objects where the digital and crypto worlds are combined with the physical one. That's where NFT plays the role of a digital certificate of uniqueness confirming the ownership of a physical collectible object. Moreover, there is a very interesting and instructive story about it:

Nic Cage previously owned a bunch of high valued comics, including Action Comics #1, which features the debut of Superman. In 2000, those comics were stolen from Cage's home, but some were recovered in 2011. Cage then went on to sell Action Comics #1 for a record $2.1 million. However, not all of the comics were recovered, including Cage's copy of Detective Comics #27. In fact, all these years later, Cage is still hoping his missing comics will be returned. 

This 5EVO Collection will feature limited and numbered quantities of: Printed comics series, Premium boxed version, Character figurines on stand and boxed version, Collectable 5Evo Cards and Posters. When you purchase NFT on items from this collection, you will receive a physical item that will be inextricably linked to the NFT. Furthermore, the 5EVO token incentives for collectors will also remain in place.

Getting into the 5EVO Collection whitelist is easy enough - you have to buy or own an NFT from the 5EVO Seed Collection. Information about applying for a whitelist as well as information about drop dates and times in our channels:

As well as on the official pages of our storages and collections in marketplaces:
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