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A platform and dApp for artists and writers who want to communicate with their audiences and readers in visual language, to engage them in the interactive stories or if you like mini-games based on stories.
We believe that the comics and interactive stories created with 5EVO Studio will become more accessible to numerous creators in order to help bring more creative powered narrative to our world. This will give a boost to the 5th evolutionary wave of humanity.
With experience and expertise in building and launching companies that have helped rights holders distribute and monetize a variety of intellectual property from lyrics to music and video, we have chosen a more progressive organizational and technological vision. The platform and the decentralized application (dApp) are built around crypto/blockchain technology - from content storage, to copyright validation and royalty distribution mechanisms.

This is what we believe will allow a creator to maximize income as an author and be in direct contact with their audience. Therefore, this is for example when NFT fully performs its function of copyright confirmation and royalty distribution.
We made 5EVO Arts DAO for you creators, to great control and influence over the development of platform & dApp. It's work now on AstroDAO platform

Get Involved!

The 5EVo Arts DAO is your platform to greater control and influence over the development of 5EVO Studio and we urge you to exercise your right to vote and positively shape our creative platform.

What is the 5EVO Arts DAO?

DAO stands for "Decentralized Autonomous Organization". We are bringing together 2D/3D artists, generative graphics specialists and comic book fans to work together on 5EVO Studio.

Why has the DAO been created? How is it relevant to me?

It's part of the 5EVO vision to hand over control to the artists, writers and engineers who create visual and interactive stories and novels, who want to communicate with audiences by visual language. Generally, you, the creators. Through the DAO, you are in control of the policies created to determine how the 5EVO Studio behave. For example, platform and dApp requirements, content and art policy, among others.

How does the DAO work?

The community will propose and vote on policy updates, future monetization, whitelisting of creators to be allowed inside the 5EVO Studio and whatever the community deems relevant. Voting takes place on the 5EVO Arts DAO's governance interface, powered by AstroDAO.

What kinds of things will you get to determine?

Over the coming year we’ll be scheduling votes to decide on a range of issues, including (but not limited to)
  • Wishes and requirements to 5EVO Studio dApp
  • Specifics and dates of future episodes of 5Evolution.
  • Size of marketplace fees for creators.
  • Allocation of 5EVO Arts grants to development efforts.
We made 5EVO Arts DAO for you creators, to great control and influence over the development of platform & dApp. It's work now on AstroDAO platform


1. Apply form​
2. Wait email from us with additional question or invitation to interview with Art Council
3. Make a NEAR wallet and join to 5EVO Arts DAO!

More info

Council and Art Council? What’s that?

The DAO is supported by the Council - 5EVO founders. The Council acts as the guarantor, tasked with the job of providing a swift response to bug reports. The Council will be able to quickly upgrade the smart contract implementation and replace it with a bug-free version upon receiving a responsible disclosure bug report. All contract updates must be unanimous.

The Art Council will be made up of several expert entities or individuals initially chosen by the Council and later appointed by the community.

How do I elevate a Vote?

Initially, until fraud risk is reduced to its minimum extent possible, votes will only be created and scheduled by the Art Council.