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We’re the platform for comic book creators.
What we do:
Distribute your creations
Create communities around authors


is a social network for comics fans where creators can form  a community, receive donations, and promote their comics.

We allows authors to create “creators” profiles and distribute their comics, which can be viewed and shared by other users. Fans can also follow their favorite authors and receive updates on new comics and events.

Fandom also has a built-in donation system, allowing fans to support their favorite authors financially. Additionally, you can use the platform to promote your comics through social media integration and the ability to schedule posts. 

How to start receiving donations?
1. Register in Fandom
2. Apply this form:

Arts DAO

It's part of the 5EVO vision to hand over control to the artists, writers and engineers who create visual and interactive stories and novels, who want to communicate with audiences by visual language. Generally, you, the creators. Through the DAO, you are in control of the policies created to determine how the 5EVO Studio behave. For example, platform and dApp requirements, content and art policy, among others.

Get Involved!

The 5EVo Arts DAO is your platform to greater control and influence over the development of 5EVO Studio and we urge you to exercise your right to vote and positively shape our creative platform.